Diamond Grinding Tools

Diamond Grinding Tools
  • A selection of diamond grinding tools , from course to fine.

  • Drill bit, grinding disc, hand pads, files and more.
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Kristall 2000S Glass Grinder

Product Code: F0039

Grinding head is cooled with integrated water pump directly to the head...

£180.40 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Grinding Head/19mm

Product Code: F0040

Suitable for use with the glass grinding machines of all manufacturers - also can be used in standar..

£44.82 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Grinding Head/19mm Fine ( 25mm)

Product Code: F0041

Suitable for use with the glass grinding machines of all manufacturers - also can be used in standar..

£48.05 (ex. VAT)

Spear Point Drill Bit/ 6mm

Product Code: F0048

For use in any conventional drill. Drills 6mm hole...

£11.55 (ex. VAT)

Hand Seaming Tool

Product Code: F0301

To aris edge by hand..

£22.23 (ex. VAT)

Rep Stones For Hand Seaming Stone

Product Code: F0302

Rep Stones For Hand Seaming StoneFor use with F0301 (Hand Seaming Tool)..

£9.20 (ex. VAT)

100mm Diamond Disc Green

Product Code: F0303

For use with AS 70 W Grinder.100mm Coarse ..

£25.52 (ex. VAT)

100mm Diamond Disc Black

Product Code: F0304

For use with AS 70 W Grinder.100mm Medium ..

£23.56 (ex. VAT)

100mm Diamond Disc Red

Product Code: F0305

For use with AS 70 W Grinder.100mm Medium-Fine ..

£20.42 (ex. VAT)

100mm Diamond Disc Yellow

Product Code: F0306

For use with AS 70 W Grinder.100mm Fine ..

£18.76 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Hand Pads Green 100 x 55mm - M60

Product Code: F0307

102mm x 57mm Coarse ..

£20.14 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Hand Pads Black 100 x 55mm - M120

Product Code: F0308

102mm x 57mm Medium ..

£17.24 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Hand Pads Red 100 x 55mm - M200

Product Code: F0309

102mm x 57mmMedium to Fine Grit..

£15.18 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Hand Pads Yellow

Product Code: F0310

102mm x 57mm Fine ..

£12.52 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Faced Drums Green

Product Code: F0311

52mm 60 Grit - 250 Micron Coarse..

£30.22 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Faced Drums Black

Product Code: F0312

52mm 120 Grit - 125 Micron Medium..

£27.08 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Faced Drums Red

Product Code: F0313

52mm Medium-Fine ..

£24.39 (ex. VAT)

Diamond Faced Drums Yellow

Product Code: F0314

52mm Fine ..

£21.12 (ex. VAT)

Disk Drill Adaptor M14 to 10mm Parallel

Product Code: F0320

Parallel shank adapter for use on diamond disks and drums in a standard drill. Dry grinding only...

£4.51 (ex. VAT)

Disk Sander Adapter

Product Code: F0321

Adapter for use of diamond disks and drums on standard disk grinder. Dry grinding only...

£3.33 (ex. VAT)

A.S 70/W Air Grinder/Disc

Product Code: F0323

For manual edgeworking...

£580.04 (ex. VAT)

A.S 70/W Air Grinder/ Drum

Product Code: F0324

For manual edgeworking...

£580.00 (ex. VAT)