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Tools, Adapters & Consumables
  • Drill gauges, moates, cerium oxide, adapters, coolant etc.
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Extendable Drill Gauge

Product Code: F0044

Used for accurately setting the diameter of extendable drill...

£51.70 (ex. VAT)

Extendable Drill 70 - 100

Product Code: F0045

Continental Fit Extendable Drill 70 - 100Suitable for a continental fit drill. Suitable for drillin..

£250.76 (ex. VAT)

Extendable Drill 90-140

Product Code: F0046

Continental Fit Extendable Drill 90-140Suitable for continental fit type drills. Suitable for drill..

£293.26 (ex. VAT)

Drill Segments

Product Code: F0047

Replacement diamond segments for extendable drill...

£19.35 (ex. VAT)

Flexible Water Feed With Suction

Product Code: F0049

Articulated hose with slotted nozzle, turn-off valve and suction base for firect cooling when grindi..

£155.93 (ex. VAT)

Stainless Steel Coolant Chuck Type B

Product Code: F0267

Stainless Steel Coolant Chuck Type BAvailable in both habit and continental fit versions, to be spec..

£200.75 (ex. VAT)

Jacobs Arbour

Product Code: F0269

Suitable for use with the Diagrit Coolant Chunk - F0266..

£18.72 (ex. VAT)

Glass Drill /Wall Mounted

Product Code: F0271

Comes with Habit fit water coolant chuck...

£831.60 (ex. VAT)

Pumice Stone

Product Code: F0299

For dressing micro diamonds on bevelling machines...

£10.11 (ex. VAT)

Anti Foam Solution

Product Code: F0300

For use where water agitation may cause foam..

£57.29 (ex. VAT)

Moate 55mm

Product Code: F0318


£26.00 (ex. VAT)

Moate - 125mm

Product Code: F0319


£54.41 (ex. VAT)

Ceripro Premium Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder 1kg Pot

Product Code: F0327

5KG Premium Cerium Oxide Polishing PowderApplicable Areas: Float Glass, Watch Glass, Art Glass, Car ..

£39.16 (ex. VAT)

Baume Tester

Product Code: F0328

For testing the volume of cerium in water...

£98.18 (ex. VAT)

Ceripro Premium Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder 25kg Bucket

Product Code: F0330

Premium Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder 25kgApplicable Areas: Float Glass, Watch Glass, Art Glass, Car..

£489.50 (ex. VAT)

Polishing Bob

Product Code: F0331

For use with cerium to aid scratch removal...

£53.53 (ex. VAT)

Cimcool Cooling Fluid 25ltr

Product Code: F0332

Add to water for longer diamond life...

£202.13 (ex. VAT)