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Glass Cutting Aids

  • A selection of products for aiding in the cutting of glass.
  • From T squares to corner templates.
Product code: C0001
Laminated plastic T square, hard wearing...
54 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0003
Laminated plastic T square, hard wearing...
51 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0005
Laminated plastic T square, hard wearing..
78 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0009
'T squares have fully brass bound stocks and brass tipped ends' - deeply engraved markings for long life. Calibrated metric on one side, imperial on the other...
129 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0011
Enables the smooth cutting of interior & exterior corners. For use with all glass cutters with a stand off distance of 2.5mm...
24 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0012
Made from plastic..
118 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0013
Made from plastic..
130 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0014
Made from plastic..
157 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0015
Suitable for use with C0012, C0013 & C0014...
16 Ex. VAT
Product code: C0059
These are made of especially wear-resistant synthetic material and are produced to match or be better then DIN norms for tolerances. Tolerances of EACH L-square are controlled before leaving our works. L-squares with special tolerances are available on request...
53 Ex. VAT
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