UV & White Light Adhesives

UV & White Light Adhesives
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UV Tek 116 Low Viscosity Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0008

Low viscosity clear adhesive.Designed to harden so it can be peeled off.Curing time 30 seconds (15 +..

£49.81 (ex. VAT)

UV Tek FC700 Wipe Clean Low Viscosiity Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0009

Very low viscosity wipeable clear adhesive.Rapid cure with a curing time of 10 to 14 seconds (5 to 7..

£49.81 (ex. VAT)

UV Tek Vis410 White Light Low Viscosity Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0010

Very low viscosity clear adhesive.For bonding using visible light and uv blocking film.Used to bond ..

£49.81 (ex. VAT)

UV Tek 108 Medium Viscosity Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0011

Medium viscosity peelable UV adhesive...

£49.81 (ex. VAT)

Regabond M.V. Ultra Violet Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0014

Medium viscosity (MV) peelable UV adhesive...

£32.93 (ex. VAT)

Regabond L.V. Ultra Violet & White Light Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0015

Very low viscosity. easy to remove air bubbles. UV light cures 15 secs or visible light 60 secs...

£32.93 (ex. VAT)

UV Glass to Metal Bond 'Black' - 682-T

Product Code: R0026

Verifix B 682-T cures either by UV light or with activator. Transparent with medium viscosity.Suitab..

£44.70 (ex. VAT)

UV High Humidity Bond 'Green' 690-0

Product Code: R0027

Verifix B 690-0 UV-curing adhesive is crystal clear, relatively thin in consistency and shows good c..

£45.63 (ex. VAT)

UV Glass to Glass Bond 'Blue' 665-0

Product Code: R0028

Verifix 665-0 UV curing · thin and crystal clear · good capillary action · for bonding glass to g..

£44.70 (ex. VAT)

UV Laminated Glass Bond 'Red' 678-0

Product Code: R0029

Verifix B 678-0 Lamifix UV-curing adhesive has a relatively thin consistency and is crystal clear.Du..

£50.25 (ex. VAT)

U V Glue Needle Set

Product Code: R0030

Fitted to glue bottle for easy application. Needles vary for different glue viscosities...

£23.69 (ex. VAT)

Regabond Visible U V & White Light Adhesive - 200g

Product Code: R0053

This material when cured with visible light has a wipeable excess adhesive. High quality, resilient,..

£27.10 (ex. VAT)

Regabond XL UV Adhesive - 500g

Product Code: R0057

This adhesive is manufactured for bonding decorative Beveled Glass to Glass.This material cures when..

£54.91 (ex. VAT)

Universal UV Bonding Adhesive 'Black' MV760

Product Code: R0029A

The UVA-curing adhesive Verifix MV 760 is a high-viscosity, gel-like adhesive which, due to its adhe..

£50.25 (ex. VAT)