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  • A selection of glass and glazing cleaning products.
  • For use with a range a glass thicknesses and finishes.
Product code: N0023
Professional grade, non-smear, instant foam spray. Easy spread, gentle cleaning action. CFC Free...
£3.03 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0025
For use before surface protectant, 500ml...
£18.14 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0028
A high-performance transparant polymer coating that bonds to glass, porcelain & ceramics, and imparts a remarkable degree of functional water, soil and stain repellancy to minimize the interfacial contact between the surface and its environmental contaminants. The invisible polymeric barrier for..
£29.25 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0029
To remove stubborn stains from glass & tiles..
£17.97 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0030
That seal, shines & protects glass & ceramics...
£8.52 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0031
Glass cleaner in spray bottle without propellant...
£4.65 Ex. VAT
Product code: N0032
£34.83 Ex. VAT
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