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Glass Cutting & Breaking

  • Featuring glass cutters and glass breaking pliers
  • Toyo & Silberschnitt glass cutters
  • Cutting guides and templates and the ever popular speed cutters
Product code: A0010A
Unsurpassed in quality, this high precision tools offer the greatest value in hand held cutters available anywhere. Tungsten Carbide wheel, perfectly ground to 138 degrees and exactly fitted on a Tungsten Carbide axle to provide the cleanest score and longest wobble free service life. ..
£12.15 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0002
Each plastic container contains 10 dozen wheels...
£60.86 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0003
Unbreakable brass handle, ergonomic safety collar, measured oil dosing, rotatable replaceable cutting head...
£31.64 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0001
6 cutting wheels made of alloyed steel and tempered by a patented method guarantee high cutting quality and long service life. Turrets and cutting heads are nickel plated...
£4.69 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0135
Used with A0133..
£11.96 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0135HD
Used with A0133. Suitable for glass thickness 8 - 19mm thick..
£11.96 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0006
Narrow rotatable cutting head...
£19.55 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0008
For Silberschnitt 2000 oil glass cutters and circle cutters...
£23.11 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0009
Ergonomic transverse handle for optimum application of higher cutting pressure - can be fitted to the metal models of Silberschnitt glass cutters of series 2000 and 4000.Individually adjustable to hand size...
£16.21 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0070
Suitable for use with A0058, A0059 & A0060...
£17.94 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0071
For straight edges - complete with lever, washer and pin...
£11.26 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0078
Heavy-duty, all metal construction precisely adjustable to glass thickness - optimum transmission of pressure. Cutting length up to 6m...
£266.26 Ex. VAT
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