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Glass Shower Fittings

  • This section incorporates all that is needed for the erection and assembly of bespoke frameless glass shower and wet room solutions
  • Incorporating shower hinges, shower door seals, re-enforcing bars, fixed panel brackets, U channels, shower door knobs and handles and much more

Glass shower fittings

When it comes to refurbishing a shower or wet room, homeowners are keen to create a look that is modern and stylish. Bathrooms and wet rooms are no longer just functional spaces. They say much about the lifestyle and taste of the homeowner.

Glass showers fit the bill of both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Easy to maintain and clean, glass showers have a range of available fittings to be as modern as the customer requires. 

Glass shower fittings for modern shower enclosures

Glass shower fittings combine to create different shower styles suitable for luxury bathrooms through to small modern ensuites and wet rooms. 

Aluminium profiles including trims, u channels, wall profile systems and u channels with grooves provide a modern finish and are available in a range of shapes, finishes and sizes. They can accommodate most thicknesses of glass. 

GlassParts stock modern shower door systems. The stainless steel Cascade Sliding Shower Door System is suitable for 8mm – 10mm thick glass and a maximum door weight of 40kg.  The Easi-glide Sliding Door System is available as a kit and suitable for 8mm to 10mm thick glass. The components of both door systems can be purchased separately.

A comprehensive selection of modern shower door seals and wipes includes snap-on shower door seals that can be cut to size, magnetic seals for 90° and 180° angles, and shower door thresholds that are mounted directly below the shower door to push water back into the shower stall.

Fixed panel floor to ceiling posts create the modern design that many homeowners are looking for. They transform the glass shower enclosure into a feature of the room and are available in different colours and finishes. With invisible fixings they have a sleek, contemporary look.

Our glass shower hardware is on trend

The shower door hinges, fixed panel brackets and shower support bars and fittings are available from GlassParts in a range of on-trend colours and finishes. 

Customers can choose from stainless steel, black, matte black, brushed nickel, polished chrome, satin chrome and brass. These finishes all feature in contemporary bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. 

Matte black is particularly on-trend. Contrasting stylishly with the bathroom furniture and accessories, matte black shower hardware adds accents and depth to any bathroom.

Shower door handles and knobs add the finishing touch to a bathroom or shower room and are available in different designs and finishes to complement the overall design concept.

Glass Shower Hardware Black

Creating glass shower enclosures with black hardware is easy enough to do with all the matt black hardware now available from our online store.

Black shower panels, hinge and pivot doors, grid pattern panels, inline panels, black framed shower doors, shower door handles and fixtures all create a stylish shower enclosure that is right on trend.

At GlassParts we are now regularly asked for black hardware for glass showers.

Creating stylish shower enclosures with black hardware

Bathroom design is becoming more about the aesthetics than the furniture, fixtures and fittings, including the adoption of black shower hardware for modern enclosures.

Design-led bathroom and wet room transformations are no longer reserved for wealthy homeowners, they are now far more accessible to the mass market. And it seems everyone wants in!

With resources like Pinterest and other design websites, homeowners know what they want from their bathroom design, and for many matt black fittings appear to be it.

Why is matt black shower hardware on trend?

In contemporary design there is an emphasis on contrasting colours. Black is a high contrast colour so it allows more subtle colours within the bathroom to stand out. Matt black is bold and a design statement that is also popular in clothes and interior design.

Matt black works with all other colours, textures and patterns used in the shower room. It removes the headache of making sure there are no colour clashes and therefore opens up the options for colour selection in the room.

Whereas chrome shows up water spots, fingerprints and dirt, matt black shower hardware doesn’t show these marks. This is particularly useful if you have a young family or well-used shower room.

Regardless of the design of your shower room project - it could be vintage, farmhouse or minimalist – matt black shower hardware has the versatility to provide on-trend accents that don’t look out of place. 

In terms of availability, matt black shower hardware is now carried as a stock item, so is easy to find. Browse our collection of glass shower fittings here which are available with quick despatch to help your project.

Black shower door accessories for stylish shower doors

GlassParts supply a range of black shower door accessories for stylish shower doors. Here are some examples:

The Amazon Range Wall to Glass Shower Hinge has an adjustable closing position, and hidden screws to create a uniform design. This shower door hinge is suitable for 8mm to 10mm thick glass. 

Black door handles are available in different styles. The black 150mm door handle with a 19mm diameter is made of heavy wall SUS 304 stainless steel tubing, so robust for heavy handling while still providing a contemporary finish.

The matt black finished 150mm and 250mm length door handle is a 19mm square stainless steel tube that looks stylish in wet rooms or on shower enclosures.

The ultra on-trend chunky Back to Back Paddle Style Knob in matt black is a premium quality shower door handle that can be used to the side or downwards.


How do I know which shower hinges are suitable for my glass shower project?

Shower hinges are available for frameless wall to glass, frameless glass to glass or offset wall to glass configurations. Take a look at our web page or contact our team who will be happy to help you.

Do you stock shower door seals that can be cut to size?

Yes we supply snap-on shower door seals that can be cut to the lengths you require.

Can you supply an adjustable glass shower hinge?

Yes. We stock a self-closing shower hinge that is adjustable to 25° in either direction.

What are your opening hours?

8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday