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Hand Lifters

  • A range of pump lifters, triple lifters, double lifters, single lifters and tragboys.
Product code: B0090
This simple, robust transport unit makes transporting windows, glass plates and other loads up to 180 kg on rough terrain so much easier. Because the transport unit does not support any part of the load until it is loaded and secured, 3 or more workers are needed to handle loads of more than 90−180 ..
£440.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0004
Strong & sturdy construction makes this lifter a reliable choice...
£69.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0088
The low marking rubber compound of the Woods Powr-grip N4000LM provides excellence resistance to staining or marking a load. The grey pad of the N4000LM helps to reduce marking on highly polished or light colored non-porous stone and acid-etched glass surfaces when lifting loads up to 57kg. A ..
£81.90 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0007A
Grabo 120kg Capacity with Glass and other air tight, smooth surfaces. Adheres to rough surfaces, where traditional suction cups are only capable of creating a good seal with flat, clean and airtight surfaces such as glass. Supplied with one battery and a robust carrying bag included as standar..
£195.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0007
Grabo has 170kg Capacity with Glass and other air tight, smooth surfaces. The pro features a new digital vacuum gauge for increased safety.Automatically turns off when the sufficient vacuum level is reached and on if the vacuum level drops. Grabo adheres to rough surfaces, where traditional suctio..
£250.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0001
One of the most popular pump lifters used in Ireland. Strong & Sturdy Construction makes this lifter a reliable choice...
£59.72 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0016
Ottovac by GRABO is a compact, automated suction cup designed for glass and smooth material transport. It offers rapid, powerful suction, holding up to 100kg securely without surface damage.Compact and Versatile: Engineered to accommodate a wide range of materials, such as glass, smooth plastic, met..
£154.70 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0009A
An entirely newly designed handle with non-slip coating and larger gripping space offers maximum comfort...
£74.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0003
One of the most most popular pump lifters used in Ireland...
£67.28 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0074A
The lifting capacity is 60kg. Tested using the GS safety standard which is twice the safe working load. Free lifter case included...
£45.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0085
The ideal tool for pulling together or spreading apart flat, smooth sheets of material...
£73.71 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0034
This set of certified polyester carrying straps are a practical tool for minimising risk of injury when handling heavy loads up to 1000kg...
£63.00 Ex. VAT
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