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Glass Breaking

Product code: A0100
Cut running device with brass head and wooden handle...
£10.55 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0102
With adjustment screw and centre mark on upper jaw. Especially suitable for breaking narrow strips and glass thickness 3 - 5 mm Length 200 mm Jaw width 24 mm..
£28.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0103
1"(25mm) jaw width, 11"(280mm) long, breaking up to 16mm thick glass. Serrated jaw and blade treated by supersonic harden system. Better quality by carbon steel alloy body...
£27.41 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0104
1"(25mm) jaw width, 8-1/2"(220mm) long, ideal for 3~12mm thick glass. The flat upper jaw supports the top surface of the glass, while the lower hooked jaw enables glass to be cleanly opened at the cut line..
£22.68 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0105
7/8"(21mm) jaw; 8"(200mm) long; Heavy duty breaker and ideal for 2~12mm thick glass use...
£18.36 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0107
4-6mm Breakout point...
£27.41 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0110
6-10mm Breakout pliers...
£29.85 Ex. VAT
Product code: A0118
Ideal for art work - small contact area - little strength required..
£10.43 Ex. VAT
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