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Glass Lifting, Handling, Storage & Transport

Product code: B0088
The low marking rubber compound of the Woods Powr-grip N4000LM provides excellence resistance to staining or marking a load. The grey pad of the N4000LM helps to reduce marking on highly polished or light colored non-porous stone and acid-etched glass surfaces when lifting loads up to 57kg. A ..
£81.90 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0096
The powder-coated 600kg trolley can be used for materials of any kind up to a load capacity of 600 kg. It can easily and safely transport sheets up to 6 x 3.5 m with a thickness up to 140 mm. Its pneumatic tyres are especially suited for outdoor work. Also, each wheel of the trolley can be chosen se..
£1,160.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0007A
Grabo 120kg Capacity with Glass and other air tight, smooth surfaces. Adheres to rough surfaces, where traditional suction cups are only capable of creating a good seal with flat, clean and airtight surfaces such as glass. Supplied with one battery and a robust carrying bag included as standar..
£195.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0089A
This self-locking transport dolly is a simple solution to moving glass, drywall, doors, sheet metal and stone panels on site. A compact and easy-to-use device, its robust tyres can safely move sheets weighing up to 400kg across uneven ground...
£175.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0091
The Racelift 3.0 is a versatile 1-man glass mounting device for doors, windows, glass, metal and wood on any construction site. This multi-faceted mounting device makes transporting construction elements childs play...
£2,899.00 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0085
The ideal tool for pulling together or spreading apart flat, smooth sheets of material...
£73.71 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0055
Blue supported vinyl foam coated with a special low tack adhesive that removes cleanly. Used to separate and protect sealed units and glass whilst in storage or transit. Available in Blue, 21mm x 18mm x 4.3mm & 20,000 pads per roll, 5 pads wide...
£113.40 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0017
Light & easy to use. Suitable for lifting all gas tight materials, wood, glass, metal, etc... 100kg parallel capacity...
£39.90 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0021
Heavy duty lifter that clamps to edge of sheet material such as glass, wood, steel, stone and much more. Max. capacity 160kg per pair. Designed for lifting by hand...
£140.81 Ex. VAT
Product code: B0086
203 mm (8") Vacuum Lifter proven reliability throughout the world, heavy-duty 5 MM thick ABS handle resists bending, especially during heavy lifts...
£56.70 Ex. VAT
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