Glass Analysis

Glass Analysis

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Glass Thickness Measuring Device

Product Code: C0017

Identifies the thickness of glass by reflecting through the measure line...

£7.92 (ex. VAT)

Large Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge

Product Code: C0018A

Glass thickness measuring device. Made from plastic, ideal for measuring the total thickness of pre ..

£43.56 (ex. VAT)

Merlin Lazer D.G Measuring Device

Product Code: C0019

Merlin Lazer D.G Measuring DeviceFast - measure unit thickness for replacement purposes. Accurate ..

£239.80 (ex. VAT)

Toughened Glass Indicator

Product Code: C0020

Enables the user to check if a piece of glass is toughened...

£159.50 (ex. VAT)

Low E Detector 'Dual'

Product Code: C0021

The Low-E Coating Detector is a dual purpose tester designed to detect all Low-Emissivity coatings o..

£77.00 (ex. VAT)

Merlin Glass Analysis Kit

Product Code: C0022

Includes: Low-E Detector Double Glazing Laser Measuring Gauge Toughened Glass Detector ChargerCarry ..

£438.90 (ex. VAT)

Active Detector

Product Code: C0023

The e-activ detector provides reliable of low-e and Pilkington Activ coatings, allowing fabricators ..

£58.81 (ex. VAT)