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Cleaning Equipment

Product code: W.EVA.AC.001
The Dust Removal System (DRS) Starter Kit is designed and manufactured to ensure optimum cleaning of flat glass. The cleaning roller is simply rolled over the glass, picking up any unwanted debris. To clean the roller for additional use it is simply rolled over a sticky cleaning sheet on a pad. ..
£230.55 Ex. VAT
Product code: W.EVA.AC.002
A replacement roller for the DRS system. No special handling, chemicals or wipes are required. The tacky polymer Elastomer surface of the roller lifts unwanted matter without liquids or sprays The rollers are cleaned when the roller comes into contact with the (DRS) cleaning pad. 305mm Wide Rol..
£134.85 Ex. VAT
Product code: W.EVA.AC.003
A replacement cleaning pad for the DRS system. Used to clean the dust removal roller by simply moving the roller over the sticky surface of the pad 330mm x 240mm Pad Size 50 pages per pad..
£23.91 Ex. VAT
Product code: D0006
Powder - coated. Protect against possible skin irritations or allergic reactions when using various chemicals...
£12.36 Ex. VAT
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