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Evguard EVA

Evguard® EVA is one of, if not the most, trusted and certified EVA laminating film in the world which is manufactured by Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH in Germany.

The product has been used to laminate a wide range of glass specifications for many years. Its versatility remains one of its biggest attributes because it can be utilised to manufacture from internal glazing to architectural external glazing.

Its strength ensures its suitability for security and safety glass, while its transparency provides the platform to manufacture decorative internal glazing. Its ability to laminate at low temperatures, whilst maintaining its high adhesion levels, mean that temperature sensitive materials such as switchable glass, and fabricates can be laminated within glass with confidence. The product range is proven to resist high heat, humidity, and UV…. all of which can affect the safety and visual performance of glass.

Suitable for the production of a wide range of glass types including:

  • Facade Glazing
  • Decorative Glass including temperature sensitive interlayers
  • Safety and Security Glass
  • Acoustic Glass
  • Fire Protection Glass